Crab Key plans

Welcome readers and fellow bloggers out there in the world. Whether you are a self-claimed double-oh aficionado or simply a casual web surfer looking to learn a bit about the fantastic, dangerous and very sexy world of James Bond, you are most welcome. The ‘Coming Soon’ teaser has been hanging around for a few weeks already, so I figured it was high time I start shaking things a bit.

First and foremost, this blog will review and analyze both the cinematic and literary incarnations of Ian Fleming’s now famous creation. In other words, the blog won’t be skewed towards one fan base more than any other.  Bond has also made headway into the video gaming world for over a decade as well. While these products garnered only varying degrees of success, Crab Key Headquarters will spend some time on the games too. Anybody familiar with the Titan comics line that collects all the classic newspaper strip stories into volumes? Yes, we’ll even take a look at those as well.

For literature, starting in September each month will be dedicated to a James Bond novel. The reviews will proceed in chronological order of their publication and pending on their availability to us at CKH (Crab Key Headquarters), since some of those Gardner and Benson novels are not always readily available. Despite my early reservations towards the series, I’ll even be tackling the incredibly successful Young Bond series, written by Charlie Higson. All things considered, the novel reviews should last us well over 2 years, unless I decide to speed things up a bit and write about two novels in the same month. In case you’re wondering, I do have a copy of Colonel Sun from Kinglsey Amis, which is a must for any serious Bond fan anyhow. Its absence in a novel marathon would be difficult to justify.

The Titan comic reviews will commence sometime in autumn, most likely October. I’ve read some of them, but not enough to start posting regularly on the topic. Fear not, we’ll start discussing them before you know it.

Regarding the cinematic Bond, CKH will start with some cursory reviews of the film in chronological order, but soon afterwards we’ll get into the nitty gritty of the series. The styles of each decade, the actors who portrayed the role, the influences the franchise had on other films as well as the influences from other movies that inspired 007 in return, and a whole lot more. In case you thought we might too snobbish, Casino Royale (1967) and Never Say Never Again (1983) will both be part of the marathon. There might even be another little surprise in store…

Probably the most random reviews and analyses will be for the video games. I don’t play video games too often and am not terribly versed in the mechanics of the industry. Additionally, there are some Bond games I simply haven’t played in quite some time. For those reasons, I won’t really structure any kind of marathon for the games. When I feel comfortable to write some words about one, I’ll make sure to do so and post the review here at CKH.

Hopefully this will wet your appetite for the next little while. Expect a first official review in the first week of August. To start things off, let’s look at 007’s first EON produced film, Dr. No.


And in September, dust off your copies of Casino Royale and get ready to dive into the world of the literary Bond.



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